Course title (29 courses): ECTS:
Advanced Carbonate Sedimentology 2.5
Chemical Evolution of the Earth 3
Diagenesis of Sediments 3
Evolutionary Paleontology 3
Fossil Lagerstaetten of Southern Germany 2.5
General Micropaleontology 3
General Micropaleontology (practical course) 2
Geochronology and Isotope Geochemistry 3
Geology, Sedimentology and Paleontology of the Swiss Jura 3
Geology, Sedimentology, and Paleontology of the Molasse Basin 3
Geostatistics 2
Internship in Paleontology or Sedimentology 3
Laser-ablation inductively-coupled-plasma mass-spectrometry - LA-ICP-MS. Two days short course 1
Low Temperature Isotope Geochemistry 3
Marine Geology 3
Methods of Mass Spectrometry. Short course with practical; introduction to research practical. Upon request. (prer) 2.5
Noerdlinger Ries Excursion 1.5
Palaeoceanography and Pelagic Microfacies 1.5
Palaeoclimatology and Palaeoecology 3
Paleontology of Mammals 3
Quantifying Palaeobiology 3
Quaternary Dating Course 3
Rock and Paleomagnetism 2
Scientific Methods in Sedimentology and Paleontology 3
Seminar in Paleontology 1
Stratigraphical Micropalaeontology 2.5
Stratigraphy and Chronology 2.0
Taxonomy, Nomenclature, and Morphological Systematics 3
Vertebrate Paleontology and Evolution 3