Course title (34 courses): ECTS:
Advanced Computer Programming for Geosciences 2
Applied geochemistry and thermodynamic modelling of cement hydration 1.5
Aqueous Environmental Geochemistry 2.5
Atomistic simulations of fluids and solids 2.5
Diagenesis of Sediments 3
Electron Beam Microanalytics: Theory - EMPA, SEM, TEM CL 2
Electron Microprobe Analysis - EMPA: Practical course. Theory course Electron Beam Microanalytics required. (prer) 1
Excursion Volcanology 2.5
Field Logging of Tunnels and Boreholes 2.5
Field Trip: Oceanic Lithosphere and subducted equivalents (Liguria) 2.5
Fluid Inclusions 2
Fluids in the Crust 2.25
From Waste to Resources - and the Challenges in between (Excursion) 1
Geochemical Analysis of Rocks. Four-day block course 2
Geochemical Modelling I. : Equilibrium Approach (prer) 2.5
Geochemical Modelling II: Reactive-Transport Modelling (prer) 2.25
Geological Disposal and Remediation of Non-Radioactive Waste 1.5
Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste 2.5
Geostatistics 2
Groundwater Sampling and Analysis 1.5
Laser-ablation inductively-coupled-plasma mass-spectrometry - LA-ICP-MS. Two days short course 1
Low Temperature Isotope Geochemistry 3
Mapping of Rock Alteration and Permeable Structures 3
Methods of Mass Spectrometry. Short course with practical; introduction to research practical. Upon request. (prer) 2.5
Mineral Resources. Lecture and Practical 2.25
Mineral Surface Characterization by Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) 1.5
Natural Zeolites 2
Reflected-Light Microscopy 1.5
Rock and Paleomagnetism 2
Rock Deformation: Brittle regime (prer) 2.5
Scanning Electron Microscopy -SEM: Practical course. (Fribourg). (prer) 1
Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM): Practical course. (Bern) on request (prer) 1
Waste Materials & Circular Economy 1.5
X-Ray Powder Diffraction. Three-day short course. 1.5