Details of Courses

Laboratory Introduction to Basic Fluid - Rock Analyses
LECTURERS: Dr. E. Gaucher, Dr. Gisela Weibel, Dr. Lukas Aschwanden, Dr. Mirjam Wolffers
SCOPE:Laboratory course on selected methods of geochemical analysis of rock samples
CATEGORY: Analytical Methods and Modelling
ECTS Credits:2
FORMAT:4-day block course held during fall semester
FREQUENCY:annually in fall semester
CONTENTS:Four day lab course on selected methods of geochemical analysis of rock samples. The cour/EGAUse includes various techniques from preparation to analyses to analyse chemical and petro-physical parameters of rocks, soils and industrial materials. It presents various extraction and digestion techniques are for the analyses of major, trace and metallic elements in solid materials. Special emphasis is given on redox sensitive elements (e.g. Fe, Cr). The produced extract/digest solutions are analysed by photometric, spectrometric and chromatographic analytical techniques. In addition, solid rock/soil samples are analysed for their chemical composition by XRF-techniques and for density and porosity using pycnometric techniques. Produced analytical data are evaluated including the derivation of the analytical and propagated error.
ASSESSMENT:Laboratory report

(prer): Courses with prerequisites.