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X-Ray Powder Diffraction. Three-day short course.
LECTURERS: Dr. U. Eggenberger, Dr. Mirjam Wolffers, Dr. Frank Gfeller
SCOPE:Laboratory techniques for XRD analysis of mineral- and rock-powders
CATEGORY: Analytical Methods and Modelling
ECTS Credits:1.5
FORMAT:3-day block course
FREQUENCY:annually in spring semester
CONTENTS:X-ray diffraction of powdered samples permits the unambiguous identification of almost all crystalline substances, whether natural or synthetic. In favourable cases the relative abundance of crystalline phases in mixed samples can also be quantified (e.g. in rocks and soils). As well as being a routine technique in geological research and its associated industries, X-ray powder diffraction is widely applied in the chemical and materials-science sectors.This course covers: review of X-ray diffraction theory; hands-on sample preparation and analysis; diffraction techniques; evaluation of X-ray spectra; mineral identification and quantification; Riedvelt analysis; examples and case studies.
ASSESSMENT:Laboratory test

(prer): Courses with prerequisites.