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From Waste to Resources - and the Challenges in between (Excursion)
LECTURERS: Dr. Gisela Weibel, Dr. Daniela van den Heuvel, Dr. Mirjam Wolffers
SCOPE:Excursion to Energy Plant Forsthaus (City of Bern)
ECTS Credits:1
FORMAT:Field Trip
FREQUENCY:biennially in spring semester, held in even years
CONTENTS:Day 1: Tour of the Waste to Energy Plant Forsthaus (City of Bern) with a focus on waste incineration, flue gas cleaning and recovery of metals from incineration residues. Visit to the landfill at Teuftal where non-recyclable residues from waste incineration are deposited. The focus is laid on metal recovery and monitoring of deposited hazardous materials.

Day 2: Tour of the Waste to Energy Plant Forsthaus with a focus on energy production and the planned aquifer thermal energy storage site. Visiting outcrops of Lower Freshwater Molasse exposed in the Bern area.
ASSESSMENT:Written Report

(prer): Courses with prerequisites.