Module D: Master Thesis Topics

Each student writes a guided research thesis on a topic of on-going investigation at the University of Bern or Fribourg or at partner institutions (university, government, industry). This project may involve any combination of field, laboratory and/or computational work. The thesis work is conducted over the entire 2 year period of the MSc curriculum, parallel to coursework, thereby allowing time for in-depth understanding of the research problem and methods.

One or more supervisors are drawn from the team of lecturers or from partner institutions. During the first semester the student studies the literature and presents an oral and written research proposal. The remaining 3 semesters and one intervening summer period (free of coursework) are devoted to collecting and analysing data and to writing up the results.

The thesis work terminates with oral and written presentations at the end of the fourth semester. The MSc thesis may be written in English, French or German. Other languages may also be permitted depending on the supervisors involved.

List with current offer of Master Thesis Topics (pdf, 1MB)


ELE: Earth and Life Evolution, EM: Earth Materials, ERG: Environmental & Resource Geochemistry, GEOL: Geology, PAQS: Pure & Applied Quaternary Sciences