Individual study plan

The Bern-Fribourg Master Curriculum allows for considerable freedom in the choice of courses and thesis topics. You will therefore require some personal guidance, and so the first step in beginning a Master Degree is to contact a lecturer in the preferred Specialty (Module B) – somebody who might be able to supervise the Master thesis (Module D). This should be done well before the beginning of the first semester of study (so that important courses in the first weeks of semester are not missed owing to lack of planning).

The lecturers in the five different Specialties are listed in the respective descriptions. Alternatively, you can obtain helpful information from the Coordinators of the Specialty.

Once a potential Thesis Supervisor has been found, you should arrange for a personal interview. The aim of this meeting is to create an individual study plan that satisfies your interests and aims, but that also makes sense from practical, academic and professional points of view.

A three-member Advisory Committee will be drawn together from the pool of lecturers, including the Thesis Supervisor. The Committee will review and approve your Individual Study Plan. During the course of the 2-year curriculum, the Committee will provide advice if any changes have to be made to the plan, and it will serve as a forum to discuss problems or new opportunities.

You have to inscribe yourself for each course either in Bern (KSL) or in Fribourg (MyUniFR). If you are a new student to the university you may contact the secretaries in Bern or Fribourg to be put on the list manually.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, towards the end of the semester, you must register separately for each examination.