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Details of Master Thesis Topic (Module D):
Frost weathering of alpine limestone rock faces

Master Thesis title: Frost weathering of alpine limestone rock faces
Description:Frost weathering is a major driving process of bedrock erosion in alpine environments. Recent research found that temperature, water availability and material characteristics control the efficacy of frost weathering. Especially the role of frost weathering in the erosion of unglaciated limestone cliffs is not well understood, despite abundant occurrence in high alpine settings. This project aims to investigate the efficacy of frost weathering in limestone by subjecting samples collected in the field to thermo-cryogenic stress in an environmental chamber. Microstructural analysis of the samples will consist of optical techniques, CT-scanning and potentially SEM work. The project includes fieldwork along a transect across the Aar massif to collect limestone samples in combination with outcrop characterization (i.e., bedrock strength characterization with a Schmidt hammer, geomorphic mapping and fabric analysis from high resolution UAV models).

The MSc candidate will learn to link field observations with experimental data and microscopic structures, and to interpret them in the framework of dynamic earth surface processes.
Advisors:Dr. David Mair, Prof. Fritz Schlunegger, Prof. Marco Herwegh
Specialities:GEOL, PAQS
University: BE


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