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Details of Master Thesis Topic (Module D):
Quantitative computational tomography applied to metamorphic rocks

Master Thesis title: Quantitative computational tomography applied to metamorphic rocks
Description:The main objective of this master project is to establish a standard procedure to calibrate computed-tomography (CT-) data to density/composition and to investigate the distribution of metamorphic minerals in a series of foliated metapelites. The quantification of mineral distribution in 3D has several advantages compared to the traditional analysis performed on thin section; it is for example expected to provide new information on key mineral reactions occurring during prograde metamorphism and their potential consequences on the rock rheology. The spatial relationships between the accessory minerals (monazite, allanite, zircon, apatite) and key rock-forming minerals (garnet) will be a special focus of this study. The analytical techniques and computer tools developed will be applied to a series of metapelite from the Central Alps sampled along the Barrovian metamorphic gradient. The student will conduct fieldwork, petrographic investigations, CT analysis, data reduction, possibly with computer program development. She/he will also learn how to integrate these different datasets to reconstruct a feasible geological evolution for the studied samples.
Advisors:Prof. Pierre Lanari, Prof. Jörg Hermann
Specialities:EM, GEOL
University: BE

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