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Details of Master Thesis Topic (Module D):
Internally consistent thermodynamic databases

Master Thesis title: Internally consistent thermodynamic databases
Description:Thermodynamic modelling is widely used for predictions of mineral equilibria and fluid rock interaction in geochemical processes. Different research groups or communities manage dedicated thermodynamic databases, which are often limited for specific applications. Mixing and merging of different datasets is not straightforward due to potential inconsistency of data between different databases. The checks of data consistency is a tedious task and preferably done with automated computer added algorithms. Within this master project the student will be involved in the development of automated toolkits for the cross checking of datasets consistency based on advanced open-source thermodynamic modelling packages  GEMS (gems.web.psi.ch) and ThermoECOs (thermohub.org). The student  will become proficient in thermodynamic  modelling, basic concepts of internally consistent databases and their applications to geochemical modelling. Preferably, the successful candidate should have minimal knowledge of programing (e.g. Python or C++) and have a strong internal motivation to further strengthen these skills.

Project will be conducted in collaboration with Dr. D. Miron and Dr. D. Kulik from Paull Scherrer Institute.
Advisors:Prof. Sergey Churakov
University: BE

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