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Details of Master Thesis Topic (Module D):
Sr isotopes in different vein types developed in a paleo-accretion wedge

Master Thesis title: Sr isotopes in different vein types developed in a paleo-accretion wedge
Description:Veins are a powerful reorder of fluids during low grade metamorphism and deformation. The Infrahelvetic Flysch units represent the sedimentary infill of the North Alpine Foreland Basin and they became incorporated into the Alpine orogeny. A major part of this deformation is part of accretion wedge tectonics. during the late Paleogene part of the Alpine orogeny. Already sampled or newly sampled veins should be investigated in terms of their microstructure (light microscopy, SEM) and their trace and isotope chemistry. Specially, the Sr-isotopic composition can give insights in the fluid composition. A special focus should be related to flysch internal veins versus veins close to the Glarus thrust (a major out-of-sequence-thrust). The project concentrate on microstructures and isotope geochemistry. However, additionally fieldwork is possible and of an advantage. The MSc candidate will learn to link field observations to microscopic structures and to read isotopic signatures for the fluid/rock evolution. In a more general view, vein histories are a proxy for deep-seated geothermal energy, hydropower or groundwater management.
Advisors:Prof. Alfons Berger, Dr. Martin Wille, Prof. Marco Herwegh
University: BE


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