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Details of Master Thesis Topic (Module D):
Crystal anisotropy

Master Thesis title: Crystal anisotropy
Description:Magnetic anisotropy and chemical composition have been characterized on a collection of olivine, pyroxene, amphibole, and mica single crystals. The orientation of the principal magnetic susceptibility axes may change with Fe-content as in olivine, and the degree of anisotropy generally increases with Fe-content. Empirical correlations exist between the magnetic and optical anisotropies. E.g. for clinopyroxenes, the maximum axes of both the magnetic anisotropy and the optical indicatrix are at ~40-45° angles to the [001] crystallographic axis in augite and diopside, but within 10° of [001] in aegirine. In the first part of this project we will use published properties of minerals to further investigate relationships between their optical and magnetic properties. The second part will include classical lattice dynamics simulations of corresponding minerals to obtain correlations between numerical prediction of dielectric properties of minerals(optical indicatrix) and variations of their chemical composition.
Advisors:Prof. Andrea Biedermann, Prof. Sergey Churakov
Specialities:EM, GEOL
University: BE

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