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Details of Master Thesis Topic (Module D):
Magnetic signatures of serpentinization

Master Thesis title: Magnetic signatures of serpentinization
Description:Serpentinization is an alteration process of peridotites by aqueous fluids that affects magnetic properties of the rocks. This project aims at characterizing the rock magnetic signatures of different serpentinization reactions, correlating them to geochemistry (e.g. Mg#), and hopefully provides a basis for interpreting alteration from remote magnetic measurements. Rock samples from various ophiolites will be investigated in thin section and with electron microscopes to determine the distribution of magnetic minerals. Rock magnetic methods will further characterize the magnetic mineralogy, identify remanence carriers, and relate magnetization components to alteration events.
Advisors:Prof. Andrea Biedermann, Prof. Jörg Hermann
Specialities:EM, GEOL
University: BE

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