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Details of Master Thesis Topic (Module D):
The formation and evolution of transfer faults in extensional settings

Master Thesis title: The formation and evolution of transfer faults in extensional settings
Description:Transfer faults in extensional settings are steep faults that transfer displacement between two extensional fault systems by means of strike-slip dominated movement.

Transfer faults can occur on all scales; at large scales transfer faults can offset continental rift axes, and ultimately - when continental break-up occurs - oceanic ridge grabens are displaced along transfer faults, that are then called "transform faults".

In this project analogue models will be used to study the development of transfer faults at large scales, offsetting continental rift axes. We will study the formation and evolution of transfer faults in multi-layer brittle-viscous models as a function of (1) rift segment offset, (2) rift segment connection and (3) extension obliquity. We are particularly interested in rotational movements of transfer faults in between rift segments, and how transfer faults might eventually evolve into transform faults after continental break-up.
Advisors:Prof. Guido Schreurs
University: BE


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