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Details of Master Thesis Topic (Module D):
Microstructure and fabric development in a gabbro of the Val Malenco

Master Thesis title: Microstructure and fabric development in a gabbro of the Val Malenco
Description:The gabbro intrusion adjacent to the Val Malenco peridotite is deformed under greenschist facies conditions during the Alpine orogeny, locally producing a complete overprint of the fabric and mineral assemblage. An initial high temperature pyroxene and plagioclase fabric can be identified, which is replaced and/or modified. The aim of the project is to study the progressive modification/overprint of the fabric and microstructure and to identify the mineral reactions of the overprint. The focus will be on the interaction of the mineral reactions and the deformation processes during the reconstitution of the rock.

The study involves field work, microstructural techniques including light microscopy, SEM, EPMA, and petrological methods.

The thesis is in collaboration with Holger Stünitz from the University of Tromsø and Université d´Orléans
Advisors:Prof. Alfons Berger, Prof. Jörg Hermann
University: BE


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