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Details of Master Thesis Topic (Module D):
Magnetic properties of iron oxide exsolutions in silicates

Master Thesis title: Magnetic properties of iron oxide exsolutions in silicates
Description:Silicates such as pyroxene or feldspar often contain exsolutions of iron oxides, and these iron oxides can record the geomagnetic field at the time of their formation. In fact, these exsolutions are preferred recorders of the ancient magnetic field, compared to individual grains of oxides. However, their orientation is crystallographically controlled by the silicate host, so that the magnetization they record may be deviated from the field direction. In this project, we will test and quantify these magnetization deviations, based on measurements of single crystals
Advisors:Prof. Andrea Biedermann
Specialities:ELE, EM, GEOL
University: BE

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