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Details of Master Thesis Topic (Module D):
Iron distribution and behaviour in the HP-LT volcanoclastic rocks of the Ile de Groix

Master Thesis title: Iron distribution and behaviour in the HP-LT volcanoclastic rocks of the Ile de Groix
Description:The high-pressure/low-temperature (HP-LT) rocks of the Ile de Groix (Brittany, France) consist of 20% metabasites and 80% metapelites. Two types of basic rocks can be recognised: 1) massive rocks derived from a basaltic protolith, and 2) banded rocks of volcanoclastic origin, which have incorporated a pelitic component in variable proportion. Iron abundances in volcanoclastic rocks are typical of basic rocks (10.2-14.6% Fe2O3total). Besides, their Fe redox state is higher than that of basalts.

This study aims to understand iron behaviour and evolution of its redox state (Fe3+/ΣFe ) during the HP-LT metamorphism (blueschist facies) of volcanoclastic rocks, in order to determine their role into iron cycling in subduction zones. Processes of iron exchange and possible mobilisation (iron is generally considered as immobile in subduction zone fluids) will be determined by: 1) studying the detailed mineral textures in rocks with different composition and basic/pelitic ratios, and 2) analysing the major and trace element composition of silicate (epidote, garnet, glaucophane) and opaque (ilmenite, hematite, magnetite, pyrite) minerals. It is also possible to work in another field area (e.g. in the Alps).
Advisors:PD Dr. Afifé El Korh
Specialities:EM, GEOL
University: FR

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