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Details of Master Thesis Topic (Module D):
The dynamics of conglomerate deposition in the Molasse Basin

Master Thesis title: The dynamics of conglomerate deposition in the Molasse Basin
Description:It has been proposed that alluvial megafan conglomerate deposition was associated by fan progradation, where large coarse-grained dispersal systems spread their material into more distal sites of the basin. However, while this theory is likely to apply for some of the megafans that were supposedly growing through time, some other dispersal systems have disappeared at the expense of others, implying that these fans were backstepping and not prograding. The mechanisms by which these changes occurred, and the way of how they are registered in the sedimentary record, however, have not been explored. The scope of this project is to provide sedimentology-based data to explore (i) which of the megafans did prograde into the basin and which did not, (ii) what is the sedimentary information pertinent for progradation, and (iii) what are the driving forces for progradation, if it occurred. This will be accomplished through detailed field work complemented with theories about hydrology and sediment transport.

Collaboration: Prof. S. Castelltort (Uni Geneva)
Advisors:Prof. Fritz Schlunegger
University: BE


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