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Details of Master Thesis Topic (Module D):
The subduction plate interface: Geodynamics, chemical cycling and more

Master Thesis title: The subduction plate interface: Geodynamics, chemical cycling and more
Description:In addition to specific, pre-defined MSc projects, research theme proposals by students or together designing a research topic in the broad framework of subduction geochemical cycling are highly welcome. Focus in such projects should be on Geochemistry and Petrology, and they will be collaboratively supervised, involving experts from within the institute that are to be contacted from case to case. Field and analytical techniques are at the core of the research, combined with modelling and possibly some experiments if desirable. See project "The subduction zone history of an oceanic slab unit in the tectonic accretionary channel of the Alps" for an example. Please contact Thomas Pettke for further information.
Advisors:Prof. Thomas Pettke
Specialities:ERG, GEOL
University: BE


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