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Details of Master Thesis Topic (Module D):
The Engadine Line - a neotectonically reactivated large-scale fault?

Master Thesis title: The Engadine Line - a neotectonically reactivated large-scale fault?
Description:Recently, excavation work along the Ofenpass-Road has opened extended and easily accessible outcrops of othogneis and amphibolites. The exact locality is to the east of Zernez between Lavirun del Sbruada and Val da Barcli, both draining the southern slopes of the mountains of Macun. The rocks in the fresh outcrops belong to the cristalline Sivretta Massif and they display a high degree of deformation due to a multitude of deforming events. The outcrops under consideration are within 200 m from the Engadine Line, which separates the Silvretta Massif from the Engadine Dolomites further to the east. The deformation pattern in the rocks of the Silvretta is in striking contrast to the deformations in the sedimentary units of the Engadine Dolomites. Both vertical and horizontal displacements along the Engadine Line are in the order of kilometers. One stimulating aspect to study the geometries of the deformations in the rocks of the Silvretta at this site is the observation of movement since the Last Glaciation along the Engadine Line within less than 2 km from the outcrops along the pass-road. – This study is a contribution to the research activities of the Science Commission for the Swiss National Park.
Advisors:Prof. Marco Herwegh, Prof. em. Christian Schlüchter
University: BE


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