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Details of Master Thesis Topic (Module D):
Analogue modeling of geothermal systems along the Grimsel shear zone

Master Thesis title: Analogue modeling of geothermal systems along the Grimsel shear zone
Description:The ductile Grimsel shear zone in the Aar “Massif” has been partially reactivated by brittle strike-slip faulting. Fluid flow and mineralisation along the Grimsel shear zone seems to be in part controlled by the brittle reactivation and in part by the presence of the pre-existing steep shear zones.

In order to better understand how pre-existing steep shear zones are reactivated in a strike-slip dominated tectonic setting, this MSc project will use analogue modeling techniques to explore the interaction between different pre-existing structures. In these models weak “seeds” will represent the pre-existing shear zones. Parameters that will be investigated include the arrangement and the orientation of these weak zones, the nature of the weak “seeds” as well as the obliquity of strike-slip dominated reactivation (i.e. transpression or pure strike-slip).
Advisors:Prof. Guido Schreurs, Prof. Marco Herwegh
University: BE


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