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Details of Master Thesis Topic (Module D):
New projects in Carbonate Sedimentology

Master Thesis title: New projects in Carbonate Sedimentology
Description:The research group carbonate sedimentology is focusing on carbonate systems in a broad sense, encompassing the tight interaction between the geosphere and the biosphere. Notably, the research group is putting emphasis on the thorough understanding of reef and mound systems (especially cold-water coral ecosystems in deep environments) through space and time in order to reconstruct palaeo-environmental settings and early diagenetic pathways. Another major focus is the study of microbial carbonates in different settings to reconstruct microbial-induced carbonate diagenetic pathways and the interaction between fluid-flow, petrophysical characteristics and early diagenesis. Many projects are in close interaction with industry and/or framed within international collaborative research efforts. Fieldwork (on land or at sea) is an important component in carbonate sedimentological studies and will be integrated with the potential MSc topics. Students interested in any topics related to the broad domain of ‘Carbonate Sedimentology’, are mostly welcome to discuss further research possibilities and potential MSc topics with the advisor.
Advisors:Prof. Anneleen Foubert
Specialities:ELE, GEOL, PAQS
University: FR


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