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COURSE TITLE: Groundwater Sampling and Analysis
LECTURERS: PD P. Wersin, PD Dr. N. Waber, Dr. C. Wanner
SCOPE:Field and laboratory methods in water sampling and measurement of physico-chemical parameters
CATEGORY: Field Courses
ECTS Credits:1.5
FORMAT:3-day block course (laboratory and field site) held during fall semester
FREQUENCY:biennially in fall semester, held in even years
CONTENTS:Field and laboratory methods of groundwater sampling and measurement of its physico-chemical parameters (3 day block course; laboratory and field). Learning Outcome: Familiarity with sampling and field analysis; knowledge of possible artefacts that may occur during sampling and field analysis and ways to avoid or minimise such artefacts; hands-on experience with groundwater analytical methods in the laboratory (e.g. titration, TOC); ability to interpret and document the sampling and analytical procedures and the results. Learning Outcome: -sample groundwater and perform simple field measurements -know possible artefacts that may occur during sampling and ways how to minimise these -analyse groundwater in the laboratory • interpret and document sampling & analyses
ASSESSMENT:Field/laboratory report

(prer): Courses with prerequisites.


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