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COURSE TITLE: Geochemical Modelling II: Reactive-Transport Modelling (prer)
LECTURERS: Dr. P. Alt-Epping, PD Dr. Th. Gimmi, Prof. L. Diamond
SCOPE:Reactive transport modelling of natural and contaminated groundwaters with state-of-the-art reactive transport codes
CATEGORY: Analytical Methods and Modelling
ECTS Credits:2.25
PREREQUISITES: Aqueous Geochemistry, Geochemical Modelling I, Introduction to Hydrology
FREQUENCY:biennially in spring semester, held in odd years
CONTENTS:Reactive transport models are very useful tools for understanding coupled hydro-geochemical processes in subsurface environments. A fluid that moves through the subsurface interacts with the surrounding rock under certain pressure and temperature conditions. Fluid–rock interaction along a flowpath changes the composition of the moving fluid; dissolution and precipitation reactions change the hydraulic properties of the rock; porosity, permeability and pressure changes affect the flow pattern; the changing flow pattern affects the temperature distribution. The aim of reactive transport modelling is to simulate these coupled processes to understand and predict the evolution of hydrochemical systems and the spatial distribution of hydrochemical processes.Areas of application include modelling of the migration and fate of contaminants, the evaluation of laboratory experiments, hydrothermal alteration or the exploration for ore deposits.This course covers: review of transport processes; approaches to coupling transport and chemistry; geochemical kinetics; heat transport and non-isothermal systems; one or more advanced topics such as 2-phase reactive transport or reactive transport in fractured porous media.For the lab exercises the multi-component reactive transport codes CRUNCH and FLOTRAN will be used.
ASSESSMENT:Calculation test

(prer): Courses with prerequisites.


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