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COURSE TITLE: Fluids in the Crust
LECTURERS: Prof. L. Diamond, Prof. M. Mazurek, Prof. Dr. T. Pettke, PD Dr. Th. Gimmi
SCOPE:Sources, stability and mobility of aqueous fluids in the Crust
CATEGORY: General principles
ECTS Credits:2.25
FORMAT:2 hr lecture + 2 hr practical per week for 7 weeks
FREQUENCY:biennially in fall semester, held in even years
CONTENTS:Next to silicate melts, aqueous fluids are the most important mobile solvents in the Earth’s Crust. They play essential roles in the formation of mineral and petroleum deposits and in rock-formation during diagenesis, magmatism and metamorphism. Aqueous fluids also transport heat and catalyse rock deformation and are therefore important in geothermal energy projects and in earthquake mechanics.   This course covers: sources of fluids in the Crust; compositions, phase relations and chemical stability; equations of state; forces that drive fluid migration; fluid- and rock-parameters that control fluid mobility; fluxes of fluid in specialty crustal processes; geothermal energy and other case studies.Practicals include examination of rocks and microscope thin-sections, and computer calculations. Learning Outcome: Overview of properties of pore-filling fluids at different crustal levels (soil to lower crust).
ASSESSMENT:Written examination

(prer): Courses with prerequisites.


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