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COURSE TITLE: Fluid Inclusions
LECTURERS: Prof. L. Diamond, Prof. Dr. T. Pettke
SCOPE:Occurrence, systematics, analysis and applications of fluid inclusions within minerals.
CATEGORY: Analytical Methods and Modelling
ECTS Credits:2
FORMAT:4-day block course of lectures and laboratory practicals
FREQUENCY:biennially in fall semester, held in odd years
CONTENTS:Fluid inclusions in minerals are a unique source of information on the chemical composition and density of crustal fluids. Fluid inclusions are especially useful in reconstructing past processes of fluid–rock interaction, where the free circulating fluids have long since disappeared from permeable structures. Among the fields of fluid inclusion applications are the exploration for hydrothermal ore deposits,  petroleum reservoirs and geothermal energy fields; the evaluation of underground waste-disposal sites; petrogenesis in diagenetic, igneous and metamorphic environments; and rock deformation.This course covers: fluid inclusion types; entrapment mechanisms; principles and methods of inclusion petrography and documentation; microthermometry; phase-diagram interpretation of inclusion behaviour upon heating and cooling; fluid inclusion reequilibration; analytical techniques; calculation of bulk composition, molar volume and isochoric trajectories; case studies of applications.Hands-on practicals include microscopy labs, exercises in microthermometry and Raman spectroscopy, and computer calculations.
ASSESSMENT:Written examination

(prer): Courses with prerequisites.


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