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COURSE TITLE: Rock and Paleomagnetism
LECTURERS: Prof. Andrea R. Biedermann
SCOPE:Gain a basic understanding of the geomagnetic field, rock and mineral magnetism, magnetic experiments, and how they can be used to solve geological problems. After this course, students will be able to plan magnetic experiments and conduct data analysis for their own projects.
ECTS Credits:2
PREREQUISITES: Gruppe 1: Studium in einer bestimmten Studienstufe: "Master (Vorbezug auf Stufe Bachelor nicht möglich)"
FORMAT:Lecture (3 days) and excursion (1 day)
FREQUENCY:annually in spring semester
CONTENTS:This course deals with the Earth’s magnetic field, and minerals and rocks as recorders of the past geomagnetic field. We will cover (1) the magnetic properties of the most common rock-forming and magnetic minerals, (2) experimental techniques to determine magnetic mineralogy, (3) how rock magnetization can be used to reconstruct the past geomagnetic field, and (4) examples of magnetic methods applied in geology, e.g. tectonic deformation and plate motions, stratigraphy, or oxygen fugacity.
ASSESSMENT:written exam 2h

(prer): Courses with prerequisites.

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