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COURSE TITLE: Dynamic Alps (prer)
LECTURERS: Dozenten Erdwiss.
SCOPE:Evolution of the Alps and the Alpine topography through time based on observations in the field
ECTS Credits:3
PREREQUISITES: Bachelor or 60 EC Minor degree in Earth Sciences
REQUISITES:Mandatory for all Master students
FORMAT:Field trip across the Alps (5 days)
FREQUENCY:annually in fall semester
CONTENTS:The European Alps are recognised as one of the best studied orogens in the world. Their excellent exposure and vicinity to the University of Bern provide an outstanding opportunity to examine the field evidence for modern concepts of orogenesis. The field trip provides an overview of the geodynamic evolution of the Alpine orogen, discussion of surface erosion and related depositional products (Molasse Basin); thrust tectonics and nappe stacking, exhumation and metamorphism, topographic overprint by glaciers and related morphologic and stratigraphic/sedimentologic features, landslides and rock avalanche deposits
ASSESSMENT:report with grade

(prer): Courses with prerequisites.

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