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COURSE TITLE: Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM): Practical course. (Bern) on request (prer)
LECTURERS: Prof. Dr. A. Berger
SCOPE:Practical introduction to the scanning electron microscope (SEM) with special focus on image acquisition and energy-dispersive elemental analysis. After the course the participants will be able to use the SEM independently.
CATEGORY: Analytical Methods and Modelling
ECTS Credits:1
PREREQUISITES: Electron Beam Microanalytics: Theory - EPMA, SEM, TEM, CL
REQUISITES:This course is mandatory for students who wish to use the SEM at Bern. Students who wish to use the SEM at Fribourg must take the equivalent course "Electron Microbeam Techniques, Laboratory", held at Fribourg.
FORMAT:Lab (2 days plus individual training on the SEM)
FREQUENCY:on request, on request
CONTENTS:Sample preparation, basic operation of the SEM, imaging and interpretation of different electron signals (SE, BE, EBIC, charge contrast), energy dispersive analysis (point analysis, elemental mapping).
ASSESSMENT:Oral examination

(prer): Courses with prerequisites.

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