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COURSE TITLE: Basic Computer Programming for Geosciences
LECTURERS: Dr. P. Lanari, Prof. J. Hermann
SCOPE:5 lectures of 3h
ECTS Credits:2
FORMAT:Lecture and computer lab
FREQUENCY:annually in fall semester
CONTENTS:Most geological problems involve the investigation of large data sets that require computer programs to handle, evaluate and plot this huge information. Thus understanding of basic programing concepts such as generalization and automation become more and more important in Geosciences. This course is the first part of a two-module course, which aims to reduce the gap between the user and the machine by introducing some of these basic concepts illustrated by selected geological applications. The matrix-based MATLAB language will be used because it is optimized for solving scientific problems and widely used for signal processing, image processing and computational modeling by the scientific community. By the end of this course the participants will have the skill and knowledge to design and write their own program in MATLAB to (1) read and import data from files, (2) generate complex 2D and 3D plots and (3) perform basic statistical analysis and investigation of large data sets. There is no formal prerequisite for this course (basic knowledge in mathematics is expected), but it will require a considerable personal investment from the participants during and between the lectures.
ASSESSMENT:several exercises and final project

(prer): Courses with prerequisites.

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