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COURSE TITLE: Accessory Minerals
LECTURERS: Prof. D. Rubatto
SCOPE:This course will highlight the importance of accessory minerals for metamorphic processes including partial melting. Minerals such as zircon, monazite, rutile, allanite and titanite are major hosts of trace elements and robust geochronometers. Decoding the wealth of information they preserve requires a variety of methods and approaches.
ECTS Credits:2.5
FREQUENCY:biennially in spring semester, held in odd years
CONTENTS: Topics covered in the course will include: 1) Accessory mineral thermometry and solubility, 1) behaviour of accessory minerals during metamorphism, 2) trace element geochemistry of accessory minerals, 4) insights into U-Pb dating of complex mineral grains. 5) Critical assessment of textural information, geochemical and geochronological data sets. Case studies from high-pressure and high-temperature metamorphic terranes will be presented. The course will include lectures, practical sessions and student presentations. Learning outcomes: By attending this course students will (i) understand the concept of trace element solubility and thermometry, with practical experience on thermometry calculations, (ii) acquire knowledge on the stability of accessory minerals during crustal metamorphism, (iii) be able to recognize and critically interpret textures and internal mineral zoning in accessory minerals, (iv) familiarize with the concept of dating metamorphic stages, (v) understand and learn to use trace element partitioning between minerals and melts applied to geochronology, (vi) use multiple datasets to reconstruct P-T-time paths of metamorphic rocks, and (vii) acquire skills in the critical assessment of published research and in scientific presentation.

(prer): Courses with prerequisites.

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