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COURSE TITLE: Computer Modeling of 3D Geological Structures
LECTURERS: R. Baumberger
SCOPE:Introduction into 3D modeling of geological structures
ECTS Credits:1.5
PREREQUISITES: Geo-Information Systems (GIS)
FORMAT:Lecture and computer laboratory
FREQUENCY:annually in fall semester
CONTENTS:This course gives an introduction into the 3D modeling of geological structures. Based on selected tectonic sections and maps, the participant will learn to georeference them, pet them into a 3D space and to create a 3D structural model. There will be 3 blocks (each 4hrs) during which the lecturer introduces and trains the students in the use of the software. Inbetween the blocks the participants need to have time to practice by their own. Prerequiste for course participation is founded knowledge of interpretation of maps and tectonic sections (good 3D imagination and knowledge of the 3D projection methods) and the attendance of a GIS course. Due to limited space number of participants is restricted to 20. Participants which need the application of 3D modeling in their MSc theses have priority. Learning Outcome: Based on the software move (Midland Valley) the participant can georeference mas, plot them on a digital elevation model, make tectonic cross sections and construct 3D models.
ASSESSMENT:Submission of an own 3D model. Evaluation based on PASSED/FAILED

(prer): Courses with prerequisites.


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