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COURSE TITLE: Rock Deformation: Brittle regime (prer)
LECTURERS: Prof. M. Herwegh, Prof. G. Schreurs, Dr. J. Mosar
SCOPE:Processes and phenomena involved in brittle deformation of rocks
CATEGORY: UNIT - Rock Deformation
ECTS Credits:2.5
PREREQUISITES: Structural geology, Optical microscopy
FORMAT:Lecture and field course
FREQUENCY:biennially in fall semester, held in even years
CONTENTS:Theory part: Brittle deformation represents a fundamental deformation behavior in the upper crust but also in mechanically strong rocks in the lower crust and the upper mantle. For this reason, profound knowledge on brittle deformation is mandatory for fundamental research but also in applied geosciences. By a combination of lectures and applied light microscopy this class treats the evolution of brittle deformation structures starting from the atomic scale, over the micro- to hand specimen scale up to the scale of plate tectonics. Field part: During 3 days of applied field work the students will gain insights into the quantitative analysis of fault fault rocks and fault structures on the base of digital mapping and 3D fault analysis using the ShapeMetrix3D System. Learning Outcome: Fundamental knowledge on processes and structures of brittle deformation at different scales (submicron to kilometers-scale) will be gained. The participants will be able to detect and interpret the origin of brittle structures in the field, hand specimen and thin sections. Furthermore they can quantitatively investigate the intensity of brittle deformation by digital mapping at the earth’s surface and in underground facilities.
ASSESSMENT:Written examination (1/2) and report (1/2)

(prer): Courses with prerequisites.

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