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COURSE TITLE: Mountain building processes
LECTURERS: Prof. M. Herwegh, Dr. J. Mosar, Prof. G. Schreurs
SCOPE:Assessing processes and structures related to compressional deformation regimes
CATEGORY: UNIT - From Basins to Mountain Belts: The Alps in comparison to other geodynamic settings
ECTS Credits:3
PREREQUISITES: From Basins to Mountain Belts can either be taken as an entire block (10 ECTS) or as individual components, which either are the mountain belt part and excursion (5 ECTS) or the basin evolution part and excursion (5ECTS).
FORMAT:Lecture and seminar
FREQUENCY:biennially in spring semester, held in odd years
CONTENTS:Theory part: Introductional reading of review article, rheological stratification of the earth's crust; orogenig wedges - critical taper (Theory, analogue models, erosional feedback mechanisms), fold and thrust tectonics, inheritance of structural anisotropies, balanced cross sections; strike slip settings; Literature seminar: reading, presentation and discussion of selected papers
ASSESSMENT:theory part: written examination; seminar: graded presentation

(prer): Courses with prerequisites.


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