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Bern-Fribourg Master in Earth Sciences


Elective courses (Module C)

Each MSc candidate must select at least 24 EC in courses from the list below (these courses must be different from those chosen for Module B (Specialty)

(HS: Autumn semester, FS: Spring semester, even years: e.g. 2010, odd years: e.g. 2011)

Course title (87 courses): ECTS: held at: Specialities Year:
Accessory Minerals 2.5 BE EM FS, odd
Advanced Carbonate Sedimentology 2.5 FR ELE, GEOL FS, even
Advanced Computer Programming for Geosciences 2 BE EM, ERG, PAQS annually, HS
Applied geochemistry and thermodynamic modelling of cement hydration 1.5 BE EM, ERG FS, even
Applied Sedimentology 3 FR PAQS FS, odd
Aqueous Environmental Geochemistry 2.5 BE ERG HS, even
Atomistic simulations of fluids and solids 2.5 BE EM, ERG HS, odd
Basement evolution in orogens 2 BE GEOL HS, even
Basic Computer Programming for Geosciences 2 BE EM annually, HS
Basin Evolution 3 BE/FR GEOL HS, even
Cathodoluminescence Microscopy CL: Practical course (prer) 0.5 BE EM on request
Cement and Silicate ceramics 2.5 FR EM FS, even
Chemical Evolution of the Earth 3 BE ELE FS, even
Computer Modeling of 3D Geological Structures 1.5 BE GEOL annually, HS
Contaminated Sites 2 FR EM annually, FS
Diagenesis of Sediments 3 BE ELE, ERG, PAQS HS, even
Electron Beam Microanalytics: Theory - EMPA, SEM, TEM CL 2 BE EM, ERG annually, FS
Electron Microbeam Techniques, Laboratory (prer) 1 FR EM annually, FS
Electron Microprobe Analysis - EMPA: Practical course. Theory course Electron Beam Microanalytics required. (prer) 1 BE EM, ERG annually, HS+FS
Engineering and Quaternary Geology - Advanced Lab Course. 1.5 BE PAQS annually, FS
Environmental Mineralogy 2.5 FR EM HS, odd
Environmental- and Limnogeology (incl. field course) 3 BE PAQS FS, even
Evolutionary Paleontology 3 FR ELE HS, odd
Excursion Volcanology 2.5 FR EM, ERG, GEOL FS, odd
Excursion: From basins to mountain belts (prer) 2 BE GEOL FS, odd
Field Course Rock Deformation Brittle Regime 1.5 BE GEOL FS, odd
Field Logging of Tunnels and Boreholes 2.5 BE ERG, GEOL, PAQS FS, even
Field Trip: Oceanic Lithosphere and subducted equivalents (Liguria) 2.5 BE ERG, GEOL FS, even
Fluid Inclusions 2 BE ERG HS, odd
Fluids in the Crust 2.25 BE ERG HS, even
Fossil Lagerstaetten of Southern Germany 2.5 FR ELE, GEOL FS, even
From Waste to Resources - and the Challenges in between (Excursion) 1 BE/FR EM, ERG, PAQS annually, FS
General Micropaleontology 3 FR ELE annually, HS
General Micropaleontology (practical course) 2 FR ELE annually, HS
Geo-Information Systems. Lecture and practical 3 BE GEOL, PAQS annually, HS
Geochemical Analysis of Rocks. Four-day block course 2 BE EM, ERG annually, HS
Geochemical Modelling I. : Equilibrium Approach (prer) 2.5 BE ERG HS, even
Geochemical Modelling II: Reactive-Transport Modelling (prer) 2.25 BE ERG FS, odd
Geochronology and Isotope Geochemistry 3 BE ELE, GEOL HS, even
Geological Disposal and Remediation of Non-Radioactive Waste 1.5 BE EM, ERG HS, odd
Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste 2.5 BE EM, ERG FS, odd
Geology, Sedimentology and Paleontology of the Swiss Jura 3 FR ELE, GEOL FS, even
Geology, Sedimentology, and Paleontology of the Molasse Basin 3 FR ELE, GEOL FS, odd
Geostatistics 2 BE ELE, EM, ERG, GEOL, PAQS FS, odd
Groundwater Sampling and Analysis 1.5 BE ERG HS, even
Internship in Paleontology or Sedimentology 3 FR ELE annually, HS+FS
Interpretation of Seismic Profiles around the world 1.5 FR GEOL, PAQS annually, FS
Interpretation of Seismic Profiles in the Alpine foreland 1.5 FR GEOL annually, FS
Laser-ablation inductively-coupled-plasma mass-spectrometry - LA-ICP-MS. Two days short course 1 BE ELE, EM, ERG, GEOL, PAQS annually, FS
Low Temperature Isotope Geochemistry 3 BE ELE, EM, ERG HS, odd
Mapping of Rock Alteration and Permeable Structures 3 BE ERG FS, odd
Marine Geology 3 FR ELE, GEOL, PAQS HS, even
Methods of Mass Spectrometry. Short course with practical; introduction to research practical. Upon request. (prer) 2.5 BE ELE, EM, ERG FS, even
Mineral Resources. Lecture and Practical 2.25 BE EM, ERG HS, odd
Mineral Surface Characterization by Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) 1.5 BE EM, ERG FS, odd
Mountain building processes 3 BE GEOL FS, odd
Natural Hazards: Process & Methods 3 BE GEOL, PAQS HS, even
Natural Zeolites 2 BE EM, ERG annually, HS
Noerdlinger Ries Excursion 1.5 BE/FR ELE FS, even
Ophiolites: Production and destruction of oceanic crust 2.5 BE EM, GEOL HS, odd
Palaeoceanography and Pelagic Microfacies 1.5 FR ELE annually, FS
Palaeoclimatology and Palaeoecology 3 FR ELE HS, odd
Paleontology of Mammals 3 FR ELE, PAQS HS, odd
Quantifying Palaeobiology 3 FR ELE HS, even
Quaternary Dating Course 3 BE ELE, PAQS annually, FS
Quaternary Paleoclimate and Paleoenvironment 2 BE PAQS HS, odd
Quaternary Sediments Field Week 3 BE GEOL, PAQS HS, even
Reflected-Light Microscopy 1.5 BE EM, ERG, GEOL annually, HS
Rock Deformation: Brittle regime (prer) 2.5 BE EM, ERG, GEOL, PAQS HS, even
Rock Deformation: Ductile regime 4 BE EM, GEOL HS, odd
Scanning Electron Microscopy -SEM: Practical course. (Fribourg). (prer) 1 FR EM, ERG on request
Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM): Practical course. (Bern) on request (prer) 1 BE EM, ERG on request
Scientific Methods in Sedimentology and Paleontology 3 FR ELE annually, HS
Sedimentology of Glaciofluvial Deposits 1.5 BE PAQS HS, odd
Seminar in Paleontology 1 FR ELE annually, HS+FS
Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction. Short course. Upon request. (prer) 1.5 BE EM annually, FS
Soil Mechanics 3 BE/B'dorf PAQS FS, odd
Stratigraphical Micropalaeontology 2.5 FR ELE annually, FS
Stratigraphy and Chronology 2.0 BE/FR ELE FS, even
Surface Processes, Geomorphology (prer) 3 BE GEOL, PAQS FS, even
Taxonomy, Nomenclature, and Morphological Systematics 3 FR ELE on request
Technical Mineralogy 3 FR EM annually, HS
Unconsolidated Quaternary Sediments in Drillholes and Outcrops (incl. 1 day fieldcourse) 3 BE PAQS FS, odd
Vertebrate Paleontology and Evolution 3 FR ELE HS, even
Volcanology 3 FR EM, GEOL HS, even
Waste Materials & Circular Economy 1.5 BE EM, ERG HS, even
X-Ray Powder Diffraction. Three-day short course. 1.5 BE EM, ERG annually, FS

(prer): Courses with prerequisites.


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