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Earth Sciences at the University of Fribourg

Bern-Fribourg Master in Earth Sciences


Master Specialties (Module B)

Earth and Life Evolution (ELE):
  The evolution of the geosphere and that of the biosphere – linked by a common theme: the processes and the unique history that have produced our life-sustaining planet.
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Earth and Liefe Evolution
Earth Materials (EM):
  Select topics in mineralogy and petrology, both pure and applied aspects, e.g. properties and uses of clay minerals, zeolites in nature and industry, stability of minerals.
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Earth Materials
Environmental & Resource Geochemistry (ERG):
  Processes of rock–water interaction relevant to groundwater quality, remediation of contaminated sites, deep geological disposal of radioactive and toxic wastes, genesis and exploration of mineral resources, and development of secondary resources.
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Environmental and Rexource Geochemistry
Geology (GEOL):
  Structures and deformation of the lithosphere and of rocks, including the metamorphic and tectonic development of orogens, interaction between Earth internal and surface processes.
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Pure & Applied Quaternary Sciences (PAQS):
  Surface processes in orogens and in their forelands; glaciology, paleoclimate and polar research; dating; humans as geological agents, engineering geology.
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Pure and Applied Quaternary Sciences


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