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Earth Sciences at the University of Fribourg

Bern-Fribourg Master in Earth Sciences



University fees (CHF)

Bern   Fribourg
  Swiss students Foreign students     Swiss students Foreign students
Application / Registration fee 100.- (only once) 100.- (only once)   Basic registration fee (each semester) 115.- / sem. 115.- / sem.
Tuition fee incl. Semester fee 884.- / sem. 1084.- / sem.   Tuition fee 720.- / sem. 870.- / sem.
Total for 2 years 3536.- 4336.-   Total for 2 years 3340.- 3940.-

We do not offer scholarships for Master Students

Students need assure that they have their own funding for tuition fees and living costs.

Travel costs Bern-Fribourg

According to their personal study plan, students may attend courses at both the University of Bern and the University of Fribourg. The costs of travelling by train (2nd Class) between the two Institutes are paid by the BEFRI Accord. Reimbursements are made at the end of each semester by money transfer to a bank- or post office account, provided the students are officially enroled in the Bern-Fribourg Master Degree.

Field expenses

The available fund enables the partial reimbursement of field expenses and expenses incurred by taking part in conferences/workshops by enrolled students in the course of their Master thesis. Further details you find in the Field Expense Reimbursement Form.

Living costs

The Welcome Center of the University of Bern can help you find your way in the information jungle. The Welcome Center provides information, advice, and support on issues related to your relocation on their web pages. These web pages are specially tailored to those who have never lived in Switzerland before, or who are returning after a long absence. However, individual Welcome Center support is NOT available to Master Students new to the University of Bern.



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