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Earth Sciences at the University of Fribourg

Bern-Fribourg Master in Earth Sciences



Enrolment for the Bern-Fribourg Master consists of two steps:

1. University Enrolment

Students should enrol at the University where their MSc supervisor is based (see below). Decide on a speciality and check at which university your preferred supervisor works. Enrolment at either the University of Bern or the University of Fribourg guarantees full access to courses and facilities at both partner institutes.


Bern   Fribourg
The application procedure in Bern is described on following pages:
  The application procedure in Fribourg is described on following pages:
Students should apply online.

2. Bern-Fribourg MSc Enrolment

In addition to enrolling at one of the Universities, students must also register for the BENEFRI network. This will ensure that you can register for courses in the Fribourg system "Gestens" or the Bern system "Ilias" and "KSL" and that you will be admitted to courses in Fribourg, incl. travel costs between the two partner Universities being reimbursed.The BeNeFri Enrolement needs to be renewed every semester. It is done online in your student registration profile at www.selfservice.studis.unibe.ch (students registered in Bern) or www.unifr.ch/mydata (those registered in Fribourg).


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