Name Thesis topic Advisors
Affentranger Carlo Subaquatic Geomorphology of Lake Walen: Understanding subaqueous Slope and Delta Instabilities and its Implications in the perialpine realm Dr. Stefano Claudio Fabbri
Prof. Flavio Anselmetti
Ali Artin Environmental magnetism study of Lake Cadagno Prof. Andrea Biedermann
Prof. Hendrik Vogel
Bolliger Daniel Assessment of physical properties of debris flows at the Illgraben, and implications for hazard prediction. Prof. Fritz Schlunegger
Graf Franziska Provenance of sand from Valgarola River in Val Müstair Prof. Fritz Schlunegger
Hosmann Siro Understanding the process forming subglacial overdeepenings: The Rhone Glacier Lake example Prof. Flavio Anselmetti
Dr. Stefano Claudio Fabbri
Dr. Marius W.E. Büchi
Nighojkar Yugandhar Lake sediments from Grifensee. Prof. Hendrik Vogel
Perler Dominic Postglacial sedimentological evolution of the Lake Constance shelf and its relation to archeological mounds Prof. Flavio Anselmetti