Name Thesis topic Advisors
Amacher Florian Rutile as a thermometer and chronometer Prof. Klaus Mezger
Dr. Tanya Ewing
Kasikci Enes Metalliferous sediments (umbers) in the Semail ophiolite, Oman: Reconnaissance of their potential in geochemical exploration for volcanogenic massive sulfide (VMS) deposits Prof. Larryn W. Diamond
Lehmann Leonora Volume estimation of rock glaciers affected by sulphuric acid production PD Dr. Christoph Wanner
Dr. David Mair
Maeder Pascal Combining chemistry and physics: Geochemical reaction feedback on heat-transport in the vicinity of heat producing radioactive waste repository Prof. Sergey Churakov
PD Dr. Georg Kosakowski
Manikkapoody Ahathian Investigation of the architecture of USM sandstone bodies in the Bern area for geothermal applications Prof. Larryn W. Diamond
Dr. Daniela Van den Heuvel
Mercurio Romano Basaluminite traces from acid rock drainage in high alpine lake sediments: a possible permafrost thawing proxy? Prof. Flavio Anselmetti
PD Dr. Christoph Wanner