Name Thesis topic Advisors
Armingeon Leo Silicon Isotopes in Diatoms, Greifensee PD Dr. Martin Wille
Prof. Hendrik Vogel
Bornet Bastien Dating and mapping of fluvial conglomerates and terraces at the western margin of the Danakil Depression Prof. Anneleen Foubert
PD Dr. Naki Akçar
Buckley Andrea Nature and significance of Fe-rich ooids in the Passwang Formation Prof. Anneleen Foubert
Haberditz Xenia Paleo-environmental characterization of lacustrine deposits in Lake Afdera (Afar, Ethiopia) Prof. Anneleen Foubert
Künzi Pia When did Planetesimals form? Prof. Klaus Mezger
Prof. Beda Hofmann
Sapia Léo Prof. Walter Joyce