Details of Courses

Soft Skills II: Research Seminar
LECTURERS: Dozenten Erdwiss.
SCOPE:Active participation in a regular research seminar
ECTS Credits:1.5
REQUISITES:Mandatory for all Master students
FREQUENCY:anually in fall and spring semester
CONTENTS:Several research seminars are held weekly by various interest groups at the Institute of Geological Sciences (Forum, Strukturgeologisches Seminar, Exogene Geology and Quaternary Global Change Seminars). These seminars serve numerous purposes: they inform Institute members of on-going research; they focus collective experience and thereby provide a forum for discussion and a source of feedback for individual researchers; and they foster a broad interest in the Earth Sciences. For Master Students, these seminars also provide a valuable chance to practice the art of oral presentation to an audience of scientists. Each Master Student presents a talk on their proposed Thesis research (typically at the end of their first semester of the Master Programme), and later a second talk summarizing their results (typically at the end of their 3rd semester of study). A list of 30 attendance signatures must be presented after 4 semesters.
ASSESSMENT:Minimum attendance 30 talks required over 4 semesters. Final grade is average of marks for two oral presentations.

(prer): Courses with prerequisites.