Details of Courses

Soft Skills I: Communication in the Earth Sciences.
LECTURERS: Dozenten Erdwiss.
SCOPE:Instruction and practice in internationally accepted conventions and techniques of scientific communication in written, graphic and oral forms
ECTS Credits:1.5
REQUISITES:Mandatory for all Master students
FREQUENCY:annually in fall semester
CONTENTS:Communication is a key element of all professional careers in science and industry. Good communication skills are a recognised advantage in the job market and they are necessary for the successful completion of a Master Thesis. Accordingly, this course treats the following topics in weekly sessions:
- Scientific literature
- How to use the library
- How to write a paper and an abstract I: Structure
- How to write a paper and an abstract II: Language and logic
- How to edit / revise a paper
- Scientific English
- How to draft scientific diagrams
- Handling digital images
- How to create a poster
- How to give an oral presentation I: Structure and rhetoric
- How to give an oral presentation II: Graphics
- Managing information, communication and time
- Job hunting
ASSESSMENT:Exercise in writing a paper (0.75 EC) + poster presentation of Master research project in spring semester (0.75 EC)

(prer): Courses with prerequisites.